Kevin Belargo, Primary Editor

Kevin Belargo: I’m the primary editor of Industrial Sectors. My motivation for starting this website was my story below.

My Healthy Diet Story:

A few years back after having some insane palpations, chest pains, bleeding nose every day at least once, constipation etc etc I went to hospital. After spending 2 months in hospitals passing hundreds of different tests they told me that they couldn’t find anything & everything seemed normal. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. The palpations were so fast & powerful that I could see them just looking at my chest, but since they weren’t happening during the time of hospital visits I could never show them to the doctor. The chest pains were getting so painful that I couldn’t get out of bed sometimes, in fact the condition was so horrible that I was expecting any day to be the last one.

My co-worker was once of those insane “organic food” people. He told me to try juicing & healthy diet. I honestly had no expectations, but I had nothing to loose so I gave it a try. I started with beets, carrots, cabbage & various fruits and within a week I was already feeling better. I picked up a lot of literature & started educating myself & researching many studies. After several months of strict healthy diet the palpations, chest pains, bleeding were gone. It was amazing! Once being a person that would get every seasonal flue during the year was entirely transformed to a whole new person, I don’t remember the last time I picked up a virus (fingers crossed).

The Exercise:

A few months back I started bench pressing. I’ve always been one of those thin chested guys. I’ve always thought that you are given the body type from the day you were born & there was nothing you could do about it. Well, I was wrong. Within 4 months I went from barely lifting 60lbs to 150lbs and the difference I saw in body physique was significant to the point that I couldn’t believe it. Other than that exercise makes you feel tighter & healthier, you can literally feel that.